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...this page dedicated and for the Volk, Clans, and Tribes that are known as Rach.

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The home page of the Rach families; founded 24-September-2001

This web site is dedicated to those people who by birth or marriage are a "Rach."

Specifically, those who are descendants of Matthias Rach. Current information is Matthias was born in the mid to late 1700's in the Bavarian region known as the Boehmer Wald. He married Eva (nee ???) in 1801. In general, it is my hope to make this site a clearing house of information and a contact point for all Rach's.

At present it is all very preliminary and just getting started. If you have a link or email or file to be posted, please contact me, the webmaster. A subscription only moderated mailing list is also available. Feel free to sign up, I believe it will be a low volume list. If you have ties to the clan let us know. Ultimately, I hope to include genealogical information to share among everyone.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, send an email to the WebMaster. You will need to edit the mailto: link after your email program starts. Please replace the phrases " at " and " dot " with their equivalent punctuation, i.e., '@' and '.'.

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